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Let us help you decide on the best quality products and service to help you save money.

Fully Accredited

Always feel safe knowing we are fully certified with the Clean Energy Council.


All our electricians and installers are licensed and accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator so you can rest assured you have a professional installing your panels.

Assurance of Quality

We offer a ten year workmanship warranty to ensure that you are guaranteed peace of mind.

Friendly and Helpful

At Sunsmart Energy Australia we will help to consult for your needs and explain solar in a friendly and helpful manner.

Saving you money

With one of the highest costs of energy anywhere in the world, solar can help you escape an further hikes in energy prices.

Our Core Values

For 10 years we’ve been supplying and installing systems to help our customers save. Using quality products and installers, we can assure that you will be satisfied.

Our Package Includes

Quick Quote

On a quick phone call, our solar expert team will evaluate your home’s solar potential using advanced 3D aerial imagery technology and discuss your current energy bill

Custom Design

If your home is a good candidate for solar, our design team will custom-design a system specifically for your home.

Full Installation

Our project management team will handle all aspects of installation and more during your project you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Solar Panels

All our solar panels are approved by the Clean Energy Council

Continued Customer Suppport

You will receive continuous support for your system. We're dedicated to help you get the most benefits out of your solar home

Guaranteed Date for Saving

We will provide you with a date for when you can expect to start saving on your energy bill.


All our solar inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Council

Manufacturer and Worksmanship Warranty

All products come with a
Australian local warranty

Specialists in Great Solar Designs.

Established over ten years ago we are committed to supplying and installing PV solar systems to meet our customers electricity needs. We make solar simple.

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Competitive price with great service! We're glad we have found a good choice of solar system. Sun Smart Energy installers is very friendly.
Jenny Bower

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The quality of their product was very impressive. I would recommend you to anyone thinking about solar installation. Two thumbs up! Or better yet, 5 STARS for your service!
Trevor Smith
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